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Human nature has the need to define, categorize, limit or create boundaries.  When “what is your philosophy?”is asked, in a way it is asking ‘what are your boundaries, limitations.  I experience that this is an ever changing story.  In time the boundaries we put onto ourselves changes or expands.  Life is magical all around us and in us.  I celebrate life and also everything in it.  There is no one identical to another, even identical twins are unique from each other.  For that matter I celebrate uniqueness of every individual and try to understand their needs and desires to serve them with the most beneficial approach possible to meet their expectation for my services.


Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California.  BS

Academy of Art College, San Franciso, CA.  MFA Program

Brikent University, Ankara, Turkey. BFA

Akara University, Ankara, Turkey.  Biology Department

Ozel Yeni Lisesi, High School


I am a dedicated mom and have always been a seeker of truth of life which opened the miraculous path of spirituality.  I am absolutely a nature’s person.  I love traveling and exploring new places.  But most of all being from the turquoise blue of the Mediterranean Sea, I love the sea, water and swimming.  I am into Art and design.  I love music and dancing.  In a nut shell, I love life on all levels.

Allen Academy Parent Association

Isha Foundation Volunteer

“Pinar was really proactive and understood our needs. She has been extremely helpful and candid in showing us properties around the town.” – Swati Satpathy