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Customers are the heart and soul of business.  Without customers there would be no reason to provide a product or service. Real estate is a product everyone must have, so that they have a safe and enjoyable place to live.  I enjoy letting customers explain to me what they are seeking and enjoy customizing their experience. I seek trusting relationships where the client is 100% satisfied with the entire transaction.


High School: Lincoln East, Lincoln, NE
College: University of NE, Marketing/Communication
Masters: University of Phoenix, Omaha, NE, MBA
Real Estate: 360training.com, College Station, TX

About Me:

I grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska and graduated high school and college in Lincoln.  After obtaining a sales position with a company located in Omaha I moved and, after a few years, I began classes for an MBA.  Upon completion I continued working on putting my sales, marketing, and communication skills to use.  I transitioned into software and became an account manager and IT analyst.

Shortly after this transition, my love of real estate began as I had the opportunity to be the general contractor on my customization first home.  This was quite the learning experience and I took this into my next adventure of owning and renting out another home in Omaha which I currently have property management in place to assist.  I enjoyed, but was reasonably nervous throughout each step of these adventures.

While in Omaha I met my current boyfriend who was given the opportunity to move to College Station.  We have been here a little over 3 years and I am enjoying every experience I have encountered working for Texas A&M.  It is at this time that I also decided to start the path towards working in real estate.  I completed classwork at 360training.  It would be my pleasure to help other people such as myself relocate or find their next new “home” in the area.

I understand the experience of home buying and want to ensure others are as pleased with their purchases as I have been.  My main goal is to eliminate the “what if” frustrations that many can feel when selecting a major life purchase and add a confident “I did it” to the mix.

I have involved in several of the BSW and MSC FISH events in town and volunteer each semester with A&M registrations to assist with graduation procedures.  I have volunteered at Aggieland Humane Society, and I look forward to participating in more of the events around town as they come up!


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