Susan Hilton

Susan Hilton
Susan Hilton

Office: 979-764-2100 (ext. 230)

Mobile: 979-220-9667



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Awards & Recognition:

  • C.R.P. – Certified Relocation Specialist
  • E-Pro Certified
  • ERC Member
  • NRBA Member
  • Real Estate Broker
  • Real Estate Sales Trainer
  • Real Estate Foreclosure Sales Specialist

Ready for a career in real estate? Susan is the Sales Manager for the office providing the most training for highly productive sales agents in the Brazos Valley. If you are ready to begin give us a call! Susan has been in the real estate industry since 1982. Susan is coordinator of the REO Department at CENTURY 21 Beal, Inc, and is an expert in the disposition of foreclosed properties in the Brazos Valley. She worked in Southeast Houston and the Memorial/Galleria area before moving to the Brazos Valley in 1992. Susan is married to Steve Hilton and is the mother of two beautiful children.


I’m Susan Hilton – Vice President & Sales Manager of CENTURY 21 Beal, Inc. for over 15 years. But, really I’m a wife, daughter, mother and friend FIRST. I believe that it is my job and destiny to help others be all they want to be. Hope to get to know you soon and then can count you as a friend too.

What Are People REALLY Saying?

Susan Hilton is the VP of Sales at CENTURY 21 Beal Inc. I owe my success as a Realtor to her constant expertise and guidance. She is the most hard working professional I have ever met. I am constantly learning from her. Her management and people skills are amazing. She strives to keep the company she works for on top and goes above and beyond to think outside the box and make sure the agents in her office are well equipped to succeed with the latest information and tools of the business. The company she works for runs and runs well because of her. August 1, 2008

Raylene Lewis , Realtor, CENTURY 21 Beal, Inc.

Susan is not only an outstanding professional, mentor, and coach. She is a wonderful person! August 1, 2008

Jeffrey Leatherwood , Broker, CENTURY 21 Beal, Inc.

Susan was a very good resource and outstanding mentor during my time with CENTURY 21 Beal. She possesses incredible industry knowledge and the ability to teach that information in a way that became profitable for both her agents and the company. Her best quality, however, is relating to and motivating her team to achieve group success in such an individualized business – an already challenging role that was made more difficult by the number and complexity of the personalities involved. July 18, 2008

Lanny Hayes

I have never worked with anyone else who cared so much about her agents or who was so dedicated to their success. CENTURY 21 Beal would not be what it is today without her. July 14, 2008

Jason Johnston

Susan is a detail orientated individual with a great desire to promote her agents and involve them in business oriented tasks that make it better for their individual businesses. June 5, 2008

Joey Condon , Realtor

Susan Hilton changed my life! In March of 2004 she called and asked me to work for her and join the CENTURY 21 Beal family. It took me a month, but I came on board. She gave me training, pointed me in the right direction and introduced me to my fiance. She is a hard nose business woman, friend and I would follow her anywhere. May 30, 2008

Steve Santos , Realtor

Susans expertise and experience are invaluable in a ever changing market setting. Susan brings the utmost professionalism, reliability, and personal attention to the table while staying on top of the cutting edge of real estate! May 30, 2008

Julie Rainbolt , Agent, Keller Williams Realty

In her current position of Vice President of Sales at CENTURY 21 Beal, Inc., I have had many occasions to work with Susan on a variety of issues. Some have been initiated by Susan and have dealt with issues that affect the Association as a whole as well as some dealing with individual agents who are members of the Association. Some have been initiated by me and have dealt with issues concerning specific agents or practices of CENTURY 21 Beal, Inc. In all of my dealings with Susan, she has been very professional and a pleasure to work with. I appreciate her interest in improving the Association and its members. May 29, 2008

Ed Berry , Executive VP, BCS Reg Assoc of Realtors

As Vice President of Sales and trainer at CENTURY 21, Susan takes an active involvement in each individuals career in real estate. She has a unique ability of helping one identify goals, and then breaking down the steps needed to help those goals be attained. Whether its with one on one attention, or group teaching, Susan puts her knowledge of years in the business to work for the individual agent. Susan is also actively pursuing real estate market and advertising trends to ensure her agents are on the cutting edge of real estate technology. If there is something out there to do with real estate, you can rest assured Susan knows about it! May 28, 2008

Jennifer Jennings , Real Estate Agent

Susan is one of the most gifted Real Estate minds we have in our industry. Ive been fortunate to know and work with her for a number of years. Each time I am able to interact with her I learn something new! Her passion for Real Estate shows, and her dedication is second to none! May 27, 2008

Scott Stribling , Broker/Owner, CENTURY 21 HS & Associates

Susan is the go-to person at CENTURY 21 Beal. No matter what your need is, she will see that it gets done. She is the ultimate professional. I have enjoyed my work with Susan. May 27, 2008

Cheryl Allen , CEO, Easter Seals Central Texas

As VP of Sales & Corporate Development, Susan Hilton offers years of real estate experience which generates success for the entire team at CENTURY 21 Beal, Inc. And although technology has changed the entire nature of the real estate process (internet websites, virtual tours, email, online mortgage approval, etc.), real estate is still a business of people (real estate professionals) helping other people (buyers and seller) with their needsand this is what Susan understands better than most. When it comes to training, guidance and professionalism, Susan Hilton is the real deal in real estate. May 27, 2008

Greg Zweiacker , Real Estate Agent

Susan provides expertise and vast experience in the real estate arena to agents in our office. She is a role model for us all. May 27, 2008

Cindy Davis , Real Estate Agent

I had the pleasure of working with Susan Hilton for several years. My company, AgniTEK, provided services for hers and she was my directo contact at CENTURY21. Susan was great to work with, friendly, responsive and open minded. We also shared a passion for trying new technologies. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Susan, whether she is your client or the other way around, I would highly recommend it. May 26, 2008

Chris Scotti , AgniTEK

Susan is extremely knowledgeable about Real Estate and is always willing to help you achieve your goals. She will always do the right thing. She lives her life by the golden rule! I consider it an honor to work with Susan. May 26, 2008

Linda Stribling , Realtor, CENTURY 21 Beal, Inc.

Susan was the Top Salesperson for ERA Cornerstone. She was brand new in the business and quickly became the Number One agent in the company. She has an outstanding work ethic, deep knowledge of the business, great personality and excellent closer. Susan manages her time well and is mentor to others. I would recommend Susan for any type of sales or management position and she has the rare talents to excel at either. August 1, 2008