Home Seller's Guide

Home Seller's Guide


Moving from the home in which you and your family have lived, loved and grown can be traumatic. Through the years, your home has become an extension of you and your life experiences. Many people find that selling their home is much like giving up a part of themselves, despite the excitement of new challenges, neighborhoods, and friends.

But selling your home does not have to be an emotional nightmare. Once you have made the difficult decision to move, your home becomes a house – a piece of real estate, which needs to be sold. Removing the emotion from your home should help you concentrate more objectively on the finer points of selling a house.

The three major steps in selling a house are: Chapter one – PLANNING THE SALE – which explains simply how to sell a house; Chapter Two – PREPARING TO SELL – in which you will find pointers on making your home more attractive and marketable; and Chapter Three – SOLD! – which outlines the tough task of closing the sale.

As you read, note your questions and concerns in the booklet to ask your CENTURY 21® sales associate. With his or her help, and a little work and planning on your part, it shouldn’t be long before you can start packing – for your new home.