Farrah Spears favorites of Century 21 Beal!


“Everyone steps up without asking for anything in return”

Farrah starts off talking about Natalie Office Manager of Century 21 Beal, calling her the “Heart & Soul” of the company. Which if you have ever met Natalie you know she is. She is one of the most loving, sweetest, and head strong ladies here. Then, Farrah flows into Susan Hilton Owner of Century 21 Beal, calling Susan the Mom/ Mama bear, because she is always there no matter what.. after hours, weekends, holidays, you name it.

Farrah shared her experience as a newbie who didn’t know much,  mentioning Clay Lee, Raylene, Kristi Fox calling them “Superstars”. Farrah stated that they would just talk to her, and they stepped up and gave her advice.