10 Reasons Why YOU Should get Into Real Estate!

  1. Control your own time
  1. Be your own boss by building your book of business
  1. Unlimited income potential
  1. Low entry costs (in some offices)
  1. Easy to enter compared to other professions
  1. Easy to get started when you choose a professional office with a proven training programs and strong brand preference
  1. Ability to help families reach their goal of home ownership
  1. Create your own retirement plan
  1. Effective and professional training and coaching available at CENTURY 21 Beal
  1. Real Estate sales is a win-win business, when done right everyone wins.

Here are three things you need to know:

  1. Licensing courses are important but they are only the first step in understanding what you need to know for this business. You will pass the state exam, but passing does not mean that you will know this market or what to do next. Passing the course is only the beginning of your education. Make sure you join a brokerage with effective training.
  1. Most agents upon entering the business do not have a plan and unfortunately leave the business after years of hard work without any assets, passive income, or anything of value to sell. We will help you develop a plan and provide continuous professional coaching to achieve that plan.
  1. Some individuals choose to take the minimum number of classes required and buy the minimum number of books to prepare themselves and then wonder why they only make the minimum amount of money. But like most things in life: you get out what you put in. You need an organized ongoing training program, not a hit or miss.

Interested In Becoming A Real Estate Agent In Bryan/College Station With CENTURY 21 Beal?

CENTURY 21 Beal is your edge. You will be a part of the dedicated, vibrant and growing real estate family. Joining our team automatically puts you first in consumers’ minds, and associates you with a highly respected real estate brand locally, nationally and internationally. And through recognized marketing and innovative programs, we’re committed to keeping the CENTURY 21 brand name prominent.

It all stems from our dedication to your growth and development. There’s no wonder our REALTORS are more successful!

Here are just a few of the CENTURY 21 Beal differences:

  • A dedicated Creative Department to provide innovative and effective marketing materials for you and your clients.
  • Training and Coaching for all levels of real estate professional
  • Global recognition and reach as a member of the Prestigious Luxury Real Estate network.
  • The Top Leadership in the industry to help guide you to the TOP!

“The best marksman in the world cannot hit a target they do not have.” -Zig Zigler

As a real estate agent, you will be in a position where you are advising others as they make one of the biggest decisions of their lives. You should work to be a master in the subject in order to give them quality advice, world-class service so to build your book of business.  Systems must be in place to build and maintain that book of business and CENTURY 21 Beal has those systems.

What separates those who excel in this business from those who simply just get by or fail is the amount of knowledge they have about the real estate business, the effort they are willing to put into their career, and the support of their trainer, manager, and broker. If you want to be a highly paid professional in any field you must be associated with committed professionals and a quality brand.


What do I do now?

How do I really get started?

  • Visit our office; meet other agents, our Office Manager Natalie Porter, our trainer Lisa Shaw, our Manager Susan Hilton, and our Broker Mike Beal.
  • Take a tour of our facilities
  • Complete all classes
  • Take an exam prep class which is included in your Kaplan package of courses
  • Complete your Sponsorship Forms
  • Schedule and take your state exam (be sure to get finger-printed)
  • Begin your training with CENTURY 21 Beal
  • Remove all distractions and focus on generating leads and producing income


By now, you have some information to do some market research to decide if a career in real estate is going to be the best fit for you! Thank you for taking the time to read this, we deeply desire you to be successful if you do choose a career in real estate.

CENTURY 21 Beal is committed to your success unlike many offices; we only get paid when you do.


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