Marketing With technology

Marketing With technology

According to recent studies conducted by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, homebuyers who searched on the Internet were more likely to use a real estate agent to complete their home search. Through online consumer marketing initiatives, the CENTURY 21® System® continues to be positioned as a real estate resource for home buyers, sellers, and owners. The overall goal of online marketing is to develop strategic partnership, publish creative banners that increase CENTURY21.com traffic, and strengthen overall brand awareness.

2007 marks an exciting year for online marketing. We are reinvesting in successful programs from 2006 and exploring new areas of opportunity: initiatives that we foresee will drive increased traffic to CENTURY21.com and leads to our offices and sales associates.

2007 Unique, Integrated, Relationships include:

– HGTV.com: CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC sponsors the online Web pages associated with the popular television show, “House Hunters.” The media buy includes exclusive sponsorship with logo entitlement on the home page and interactive advertisement banners rotated throughout associated content pages. The site is rich with real-estate focused consumers and past campaigns were proven successes. The overall goal of our 2007 campaign is to continue to attract first time homebuyers and direct consumers to Century21.com for their real estate-related needs.

– DIYNetwork.com: CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC sponsors the popular Best Built Homes sweepstakes. Gaining close to 5,000,000 entries, the sweepstakes continues to offer Century 21 Real Estate LLC vast exposure to a real-estate minded audience. Media placement includes both branded and co-branded banners, text links and prominent log placement throughout the Web pages associated with Best Built Homes.

– HGTVPro.com: This extension of HGTV.com contains tools, resources and information to help educate homebuilding professionals. CENTURY 21® interactive advertisements are placed throughout the site. Large banner units, coupled with an engaged audience, are sure to produce qualified leads to CENTURY21.com.
– AETV.com: CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC sponsors “Sell This House,” a popular television show that has gained an enormous online following. Custom content, targeted banner ads, video content and mobile messaging are just a few of the opportunities that are made available through the sponsorship. Media is also delivered across A&E’s sister sites, Biography.com and History.com. This sponsorship presents a well-rounded marketing program and enables Century 21 Real Estate LLC to take advantage of the latest technologies in online marketing.

– Network Sites: Undertone.com, Advertising.com, SpecificMedia.com: Networks enable CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC to distribute messaging across multiple sites via one publisher. Undertone, Advertising and Specific Media are the top networks and distribute media across a combined roster of 1,500 + renowned sites. These sites are rich with real estate-focused consumers so the opportunity to capture traffic to CENTURY21.com is plentiful.

– Real Estate Sites: AOL.com & Yahoo.com: The goal of the AOL and Yahoo media buys are to position the brand in front of consumers that are actively searching for real estate. Online advertisements are served by means of behavioral targeting. Consumers who are actively searching through the real estate sections of either AOL or Yahoo are tracked. CENTURY 21® advertisements are served to these specific consumers while they are viewing other pages throughout the site. This approach enables CENTURY 21® messaging to stay in front of real estate-focused individuals even when they travel to pages beyond the real estate section.

– General Market Sites: HomeDepot.com, ThisOldHouse.com, GreatSchools.net: Consumer research indicates that a strong percentage of visitors to HomeDepot.com, ThisOldHouse.com and GreatSchools.net have actively shopped for real estate online and/or are ready to purchase a new residence within one year. This makes the site prime “real estate” for CENTURY 21® advertisements. Online media will have prominent placement and serve throughout each of the three sites.

– Search Marketing: MSN.com, Ask.com, Google.com, Yahoo.com: CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC will bid on over 52,000 search terms across the major search engines and pay based on click activity (pay per click or PPC). Currently, search engines contribute over 33% of consumer traffic to CENTURY21.com. Consumers are making their way to CENTURY.com by typing both branded and general search terms into the search engines such as Real Estate, CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC and Real Estate Agent. Our intention is to bid on localized/regional terms in order to maintain on presence on search pages that typically do not contain the CENTURY 21® brand within the results.

– Diversity: Gay.com: In recent years, marketing to the gay and lesbian community has been a growing focus of major fortune 500 companies: mostly the travel, auto and finance industries. Research indicates that gay and lesbian consumers are early adopters and express brand loyalty to those companies that embrace the community. This segment also has a high percentage of disposable income. No other real estate franchise is marketing to this consumer on a national level. This presents a great opportunity for CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC. Targeted advertisements throughout the style and home sections are sure to grab the attention of this highly sought after consumer segment.

– RealEstateJournal.com (Wall Street Journal): CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC renewed a relationship with this renowned company in an effort to reinforce our position in the luxury market and expand consumer awareness of the CENTURY 21® System’s® related expertise. Online presence includes banner advertisements with luxury-focused creative. In an effort to expand our residential listing reach to the online consumers beyond CENTURY21.com, CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC exports approximately 50,000 residential listings to RealEstateJournal.com on a weekly basis. We also export approximately 10,000-15,000 commercial listings in the weekly feed.

– CNNMoney.com: CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC elected to utilize banner advertisement units as a primary marketing and leads-driving strategy. The units are heavily rotated throughout the Personal Finance and Investment Web pages. In addition, CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC holds sponsorship of the “Best Places to Live” section. This area of the site gains national exposure and is referenced by many top publications such as Forbes magazine.

– CNN.com: The online marketing campaign is part of a larger integrated media buy with CNN cable television. Based on a successful 06 partnership, CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC will continue to sponsor the high profile “Open House” show both on-air and online. Online banner advertisements will run throughout the pages associated with “Open House,” as well as, highly trafficked sections such as Weather, Real Estate and Business News. CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC will engage in interactive marketing vehicles such as podcasting and broadband video.

– LoopNet.com: LoopNet is a heavily trafficked commercial real estate Website, serving a community of over 600,000 active commercial real estate professionals. The renewed media buy includes banner advertisements with messaging focused on portraying CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC as a key player in the commercial market. To further enhance exposure to our commercial listings and strengthen consumer perception of the commercial brand extension, CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC exports approximately 15,000 commercial listings to the LoopNet Website on a weekly basis.

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