Agents of Character

We watch our agents do special things time and time again. Our team goes the extra mile over and over again and we want to recognize these people. This list showcases the agents who have gone above and beyond in the office, with their fellow agents, or in the community.


Raylene Lewis
Raylene Lewis offers her expertise to our agents over and over. Raylene recently invited everyone to a "lipstick on a pig house" to teach about property defects and how to not be snookered by cosmetic work. She came up with the Sign Up board for open houses, had us all over to her house to teach all about the Smart Home Technology and taught a class on a file with huge problems and how to overcome. She has taken agents on appointments and is so willing to teach. Raylene is a Person of Character.

Without questions, Raylene picked up the crumbling peices from a messy transaction the moment she hopped off a flight.  She spent hours upon upon hours of HER Saturday putting the peices back together not only to help my sellers but to help me as well.  She found answers to problems and overcame every single obstacle while maintaining MY dignity.  I am extremely grateful for her hard work and dedication to this and ultimately for having my back.  We are competition but we are family and she has confirmed this.  Raylene is a Person of Character.


Kristi Fox Satsky
Kristi Fox Satsky has been recognized in the community with the 2018 Community Impact Award. Kristi has given and given to our community. We cannot even begin to list all the groups she supports. She continually is recognized by CENTURY 21 for her production but this award was not for her work at work - it was her work giving back. Kristi feels that there are two answers to the questions "what has made you so successful." She answers simply "God and Century 21" and we are so blessed to have her in our family. Kristi is an Agent of Character.


Jodi Warner
Jodi Warner stepped up last year and continues this year teaching a Buffini course to our agents. Week after week Jodi sends out emails, calls, encourages and hosts a class. She teaches a class for our benefit - for no personal gain. Because of her, agents are developing their SOI, learning about relationship marketing, database maintenance and more. Jodi stepped up and offered to give to her peers. Jodi has been a real inspiration and is always wanting to help another agent succeed. Jodi is an Agent of Character.

Rhonda Fry 2015

Rhonda Fry

When my car broke down at an open house in Iola on a Sunday, Rhonda Fry drove out to rescue me while my car was towed to the repair shop.  She has always been so helpful and informative as well. She goes out of her way to help others both inside the office and out.  Rhonda Fry is a Person of Character.

Carol Rakowitz Photo-resize

Carol Rakowitz
Time after time this agent goes above and beyond to help us provide the best service possible for our clients.   She is always ready, and willing to help no matter what.  She supports us like family.  Carol Rakowitz is a person of Character.