Seller Questionnaire

Seller Questionnaire

To sell your home without the assistance of a qualified real estate sales associate, you should be able to answer an unqualified “YES” to each of the following questions. As you go through these items, remember that a professional real estate sales associate is skilled in every area.

Do I have sufficient data to price my property realistically? Am I familiar with what comparable properties have sold for recently and what adjustment to those amounts I would need to make for my property?

Can I draw proper contracts, recognize unreasonable contingencies, understand disclosure and agency relationships? Would I be on sound legal ground if conflicts arose?

Can I handle the natural conflicts of interest when working directly with a buyer, trying to protect my own interests versus my desire to accommodate his?

Do I have a complete understanding of real estate marketing and am I able to expose my property through the widest channels local, regional and national?

Can I professionally screen and handle innumerable inquiries? Can I differentiate between lookers and serious buyers? What kind of documents can I use to screen buyers and am I able to obtain them?

Do I have expert knowledge of the current mortgage situation: assumptions, buydowns, ARMS, secondary financing?

Am I prepared to forego social or business plans for an extended period, as I must be available at all times?

Am I willing to have members of my household exposed to strangers? The motives of casual lookers could be suspect!

Unless you answered YES to all the questions above, the skills and training of a professional sales associate would best assist you in selling your property. Please keep in mind that only one in twenty sellers who try to sell their properties on their own are successful in selling at a market price. The other nineteen suffered inconvenience, lost time, and frustration in their endeavor without reaching their ultimate goal of selling their property at the best possible price, in the shortest time possible and at the least inconvenience. Now, let us show you why CENTURY 21 Beal  should be your choice!!