Our favorite fall decor!

Are you wanting to decorate for fall, but you’re not sure where to start? That’s okay, we came up with a little list of some of our favorite fall items from just one of our favorite home stores… Kirkland’s! The items we chose you can also you throughout your whole home.

  1. Throw Pillows You can use these in SO many ways, in SO many places. In your living area on the couches, in your hall on chairs, even in your bedroom on your bed. You can buy decorative ones or solid colors, there are just so many to choose from!
  2. Wreaths There is nothing more curb appealing than a wreath on your front door. It adds a extra little sparkle to your home! They also go well inside your home- hung on windows, over some home decor, even your kitchen cabinets,
  3. Door Mats We feel door mats are a nice touch along with the wreaths. They help keep out unwanted debris, while also adding a nice touch to your front porch. What is great about these is that there are SO many to choose from: seasonal, formal, plain. You can even have them custom made!
  4. Pumpkins We chose to go with non-perishable pumpkins, so we can use for many seasons to come. These are great to use in the interior and exterior of you home. They go well on the front porch, near your fireplace, in your living area. There are just so many places you can place them.
  5. Table Top Decor You can use table top decor just about anywhere in your home from the entertainment center to the fireplace mantel. And there is so many different options, we chose to go with: Mason Jars to put flower stems in, decorative little truck, and a table runner. This way you can get the convenience of flowers without having to worry about the up keep/ life span, the table runner to A. protect the table and B. to make more appealing, and a decorative truck- because how can you go wrong with a mini truck full of pumpkins?