Real Estate Agent Start Up Fees In the BCS


Application Fee                                                    $205.00

Subsequent Background Check Fee                 $29.75

Paper Filing Fee (waived if filed online            $20.00

                                                     Total:               $254.75

  • State Examination Fee                         $54.00

  • Fingerprinting                                         $39.70

Application Fee                                                        $150.00                                                         

BCS Dues (annual; prorated monthly)               $210.00

NAR Dues (annual; prorated monthly)               $155.00

TAR Dues (annual; prorated monthly)               $127.00

  • BCSAOR Service Fees (MLS)

Start-Up Fee                                                             $250.00

Monthly Dues                                                           $46.55

  • Optional BCSAOR Services:

Supra Lockbox Key Activation                             $75.00

Supra ActiveKey                                                      $152.36

Supra Semiannual Insurance                               $25.00

Lockboxes (purchase as needed)                         $105.00

  • Miscellaneous

Business Cards


Training Fees

Name Ryder Signs


Lock boxes

For Sale and Open House signs