Chandler Faithful

Chandler Faithful pic

Office: 979-764-2100
Mobile: 512-771-6486


  • Success if defined differently for some people. Wealth and material items are physical representations of success. However for me knowing that I have a taken care of all of an individual’s needs provides me with long term career satisfaction, and in my opinion the true definition of success.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Sales, management, customer care.

Client Specialization:

  • Residential


  • 4 years general studies-college


  • 7+ years of customer service experience in multiple industries. From consulting, sales, to management. Industries include but are not limited to  medical/dental, industrial refrigeration, insurance, food industry, and retail.


  • Large family, youngest of four. Born and raised in Austin TX. Both I and brother attended college here in Bryan/College Station


  • Working out, hunting, fishing, water sports, anything outdoors, music, and family time.

Customer Comments:

When working with patients who are about to undergo unexpected procedures it can be nerve racking. I have some of my best praise from working with individuals in this environment because customers (patients)  have to let go and just trust. I made sure to be the person they could trust by providing them with the utmost care as I would my only family and friends. Receiving personal thank you cards from patients for your compassion and care was very rewarding.