Where to Begin

Where to Begin

Personal Freedom
Home ownership frees you from the whims and dictates of a landlord. There will be no unexpected rent hikes. You will be able to decorate as you like, have a dog or cat, and make improvements on your property. You gain privacy and the freedom of expression.

Pride of Ownership
Perhaps the most intangible, yet powerful, advantage is the pride of ownership. A home gives you and your family a feeling of stability and commitment. A special sense of security and satisfaction comes as you begin to put down roots in a neighborhood. Your family will enjoy the benefits of this decision for many years.

Where to Begin
The process of buying a home can seem long and complicated – so many new words to learn and understand – deciding what you really want in a home – wondering if you can afford such a major purchase.

The first step in the purchase of a new home is to evaluate your financial status. Start by talking with a CENTURY 21 Mortgage Loan Professional today!

What can you afford to spend on a home?
The best approach in buying a home is to understand how a home is financed.

  • There are three crucial elements:
    • Down Payment
    • Closing Costs
    • The Mortgage

When you know the amount of down payment and closing costs you can afford, and how much mortgage money you will be able to borrow, you know how much home you can buy.