What is Buyer's Representation?

What is Buyer's Representation?

When you are making what’s probably the biggest investment of your life, wouldn’t it be great to have someone on your side….

Until recently, buyers didn’t always have the support they needed. Under traditional real estate sales practices, the agent who helped you find a home was actually acting as a sub-agent of the listing broker. This meant the agent was legally bound to obtain the best terms and price for sellers, not you.

Now you have a choice!
As a buyer representative, a CENTURY 21® sales associate will work for you, not the sellers. When buying a home, you can be assured that your best interests will be represented.

The CENTURY 21® System is among the leaders in the real estate industry and we understand your needs and concerns as a buyer. Now you can feel secure in knowing you have someone who will be your advocate.

Specialized Services Of A Buyer Representative


  • Provide advice to help you make informed decisions.
  • Safeguard confidential information that might weaken your bargaining position.
  • Act at all times in your best interest.


  • Use advertising, marketing and networking activities to locate the right property for you.
  • Locate and select properties that are not currently on the market.
  • Provide a plan describing search activities.


  • Help you evaluate the pros and cons of specific properties.
  • Assist you in determining what a fair market value is likely to be.


  • Work with you to develop negotiating strategies specific to the particular property and sellers.
  • Advise you regarding the most favorable price and terms to offer.
  • Advocate your position throughout the process.

Manage the Details

  • Provide the support of my office and service team of professionals.
  • Orchestrate the details as your advocate.

Do You Want An Agent Who Will….

  • Be loyal and act in your best interests?
  • Keep information about your finances confidential?
  • Provide advice on negotiating the best price and terms for a property you’re interested in?
  • Search to help find the best property for you even if it’s not currently on the market?
  • Disclose information to you about the property and/or sellers.
  • Help you make god decisions based on what is best for you.

CENTURY 21 Beal, Inc. will take the guesswork out of this complex and sometimes challenging process. Contact CENTURY 21 Beal, Inc. today for more information on retaining the services of a Buyer Representative.