April 2020 Market Stats

April 2020 Market Stats

Tired of Zoom classes or the words “unprecedented” and “pivot”?  Me too!  I’ve taken more classes than ever, learned SO much but am SO ready to get back to talking with people in person.  It may be a while for some… But I miss people!

April’s real estate market report is right on with what was expected.  Agents and clients took a little breather waiting to see what was going to happen so fewer properties came on the market in April than a normal April.  BUT we still have about the same number of homes to choose from, so our Inventory is stable.  This is great news!  Clients still have choices, but now the market is not flooded with ‘too many homes for sale’.

Over the next months, we expect continued turbulence as we figure out our new normal while going through this “unprecedented” time.  Like you, we are ready to “pivot” if we see the need.  Now – while this sounds like a generic news report, we really are watching what is happening locally and throughout the country.  Many states considered real estate a non-essential service and shut them down completely; not Texas.

Yes, we are working as safely as possible.  We are respecting our clients.  Want us to wear masks? We have masks! Want us to ask questions about buyer’s travel and health prior to showings? We can do that! Want us to ask everyone interested in buying to look at a video of your home prior to entry to make sure they love it?  We can do that! As we continue through this “uncharted territory”, know that we are still working.  We are still your trusted advisor in real estate and are here to help.