Annual Agent Business Planning Retreat

Annual Agent Business Planning Retreat

This past November we held our Annual Agent Business Planning Retreat at Camp Allen and what a success!  So many agents, staff vendors and speakers participated. It was quite a productive, bonding, enlightening and FUN experience.  We worked together to learn more about each other, learn more about the market, learn how to better serve our customers and clients both now and in the future and how to build a real estate business worth having.  

A special thank you goes out to our Leadership Team (and this year’s retreat team leaders!) – Carol RakowitzHank RemschelJana GrieveKristi Satsky and Lisa Shaw.

In addition to Dr. Jim Gaines with the Texas A&M Real Estate Research Center and Julie Burch of Julie Burch Speaks, we also had special round table presentations by Jeff LeatherwoodKristi SatskySusan HiltonMike BealJodi Warner and Fred Bayliss.

Many thanks to our event participants and those who brought door prizes too!

Congratulations to Jana Grieve who was the top point earner this year and won a free trip to the CENTURY 21 Convention in Orlando, Florida in 2018.

Congratulations to Lisa Shaw and her team for being the top point earning team and to Rene’ Lukes who won the team drawing and will also be joining us in Orlando, Florida in 2018 at the CENTURY 21 One21.  

Now, why would a successful, productive real estate office stop work for 1 1/2 days and get all the agents together in a fun environment?  Because we care. We care about each agent and their experience with each other, with our vendors and know that happy knowledgeable agents who work together in a friendly environment provide the best possible service to their customers and clients. 

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Here are just a few comments on our CENTURY 21 Beal, Inc. Annual Business and Planning Retreat from our Agents.

I love our C21 Beal Retreat every year.  I love it because it’s highly informative, focuses on solutions to issues that I face every day, introduces new technology and techniques that lead me to be more effective and efficient for my clients, and it is time well spent planning for another successful year. But more than all that, which is more than an agent could ask for, it is an opportunity to network with Connection Partners, fortify existing relationships and create new alliances that benefit my business. At C21 Beal we are encouraged to think outside of the box, to get good at problem solving and believe in our clients from day one. We wish to provide a gold level of service and build relationships that last a lifetime not just a transaction. Because of our amazing leadership and support staff we are all part of an amazing family. Thank you to Mike Beal for operating the best real estate company in The Brazos Valley and allowing me to be a part of the family.” – Carol Rakowitz, REALTOR®

“As a “newbie”… I chose C21 Beal over other area brokers because of the way Mike, Susan and others made me feel……like a part of a family that was determined to guide me through steps to be successful.  The Retreat was not only fun, but reinforced the Team spirit that I want to be a contributing factor for.
The classes were most helpful but the networking was priceless!! Thanks for adopting me into this strong RE Family!! Thanks for all the work of putting this together!”  –
Charlotte Sefcik, REALTOR®

“This was my first retreat, and it truly confirmed what I have been learning as each month goes by since joining. Century 21 Beal is without a doubt a family of people committed to each other and each and everyone’s  success. Great people, with great ideas and a successful attitude.”  – Stephanie Hansson, REALTOR®

“As a Realtor, I truly appreciate the hard & thoughtful work that goes into making me a better and more productive Realtor.  The support and training that Century 21 Beal makes available to each of us is priceless.  Mike Beal and Susan Hilton have gone above and beyond to make the culture at Century 21 Beal a most remarkable place to hang my license.  I am truly grateful and feel blessed to be associated with this family.” –  Hank Remschel, REALTOR®

“So glad I was able to go and participate in such a fun event these last couple of days!  I learned so much about how to be a better agent, what it means to be a team and even made new friends in the process.  Making this transition into the real estate world has been fast and furious.  It was very helpful to sit down and create my goal for the year with other fellow agents.  I know having the goal to work towards and an idea of a marketing plan for the year will help me immensely BOTH with my future Real Estate Clients as well as our past and future home buyers for Affinity Homes.  Looking forward to becoming even more a part of this family than before.  Hope you get some much needed rest!  You ALL did an amazing job of putting on this event for us!” – Ginger Lundell, REALTOR®

“First of all, thank you Mike, Susan, Natalie, and Maggie for all of your hard work-the money and the hours you spent in arranging and organizing everything is very much appreciated! Everything was seamless: well planned and so organized. Also, all of our presentations were relative and beneficial for our business and attributable to a successful 2018 year.  Second, thank you to the speakers and the break-out session leaders for your time and sharing your knowledge. I obtained a lot of very helpful and useful information and plan on applying what I learned. In my opinion, you can never learn enough.  Third, it was great to be able to have time to meet and greet co-workers and our connections partners.  Fourth, this retreat reinforced why I am so happy to be a part of this great Century 21 family!  Fifth, I loved the fun and games. And I always love to win something! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR A GREAT RETREAT! ” – Linda Salvato, REALTOR®

“This was my first retreat to attend and I had a great time.  The speaker Julie was hilarious and had a ton of great ideas.  It is nice to see someone so successful who can still be real.  Jim Gaines also had a lot of interesting facts that I never would have taken the time to look up myself.  Jeff’s class was my favorite.  For being so successful, his ideas and the way he runs his business is pretty simply and I was impressed.  Gini and I took a lot of good ideas out of that one!”  – Allison Gyug

“This was my 5th year of going to retreat and my 3rd trip to Camp Allen. I loved this year and all of the fellowship that came with it. Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this years retreat possible. I am so happy we all were able to connect with one another again and remember we are a family. Welcome to all the new agents and I hope you see why we all Love Mike and Susan so much!”            – Kylee Garza, REALTOR®

“It was awesome.  Loved spending time with everyone.  I learned a lot too.  Games were fun too.  Plan is to get started with some of the ideas tomorrow.   Century 21 is by far best Real Estate Company in town.  Can’t wait til next year!!!! ”  – Judy Graves, REALTOR®

“Mike, Susan, leadership team, Maggie, and the rest of our phenomenal team,  I can not thank you enough for all your hard work and dedication in making this in my opinion one of the best retreats. This year’s retreat to me meant so much more for various reasons. There wasn’t anything I disliked and the speakers were fantastic.  Personally, retreat has made me dig deeper into as Susan asked “what is our why” not just business wise but personally as well. Each round table I attended not only gave me a deeper appreciation for that presenter’s perspective and knowledge, but I just as others stated, feel absolutely blessed to work with the best in the business and with people who are my second family. You are my peers and co-workers yes, but many of you are my sisters and close friends. I am reminded daily but even more so especially around retreat time why Century 21 is the best and most knowledgeable company I can continue to do what I love and work for. Our support system and structure is like no other.  Team I may not say it enough but I highly value you all and am proud to work alongside you. Kristi you were a great team leader and rocked as usual. Looking forward to next year.”                               – Priscilla Hernandez, REALTOR®

Thank you to Susan, Mike, Natalie, Maggie, Hank and all of the other team leaders and presenters for a great Century 21 Beal, Inc. Retreat.
As a REALTOR/Broker Associate who has attended the Annual Retreats since 2001, I can honestly state that Mike Beal and Susan Hilton and team have been supportive and want you to succeed in your real estate career.  They make sure that we have all of the technology and marketing tools that Century 21 Corporate provides, as well as receiving personal coaching from Susan and Mike.  The speakers and workshops provided inspire me with new information or with information that I have known for years but needed to have reinforced.  Retreat is a great time to learn from fellow Realtors who share their successful plans, to learn together and to meet the new agents, as well as to have fun.”  – 
Madeline Stiles, REALTOR®

“I just want to say that I have been to 18 retreats and though the last year when I had to miss most of it for my friends funeral, I still came because to me this is one of the most important things that we can do for our Century 21 family. It brings us together to learn more about each other and work on building ourselves as a team and helps us to work together in the environment that builds relationships so that we can all help each other grow and be more successful. Sure we get to learn tricks and tips from speakers and learn about the market and hear about new ideas and set our goals, but to me the most important part is working on our Century 21 family as a whole and spending that time together in a fun environment without work bombarding us or rushing us out o sure we get to learn tricks and tips from speakers and learn about the market and hear about new ideas and set our goals, but to me the most important part is working on our Century 21 family as a whole and spending that time together in a fun environment without work bombarding us or rushing us.  Thank you to Susan and Mike and all of the team leaders for making it another fun event! I know some people may have worried about getting back to or missing work and some people may have felt it wasn’t worth their time, but I can tell you that if anybody is short on time, I definitely am! And I would give that time up again in a heartbeat!!  I look forward to doing it again next year! And every year! I hope y’all enjoyed it as much as I did!  Thanks to everyone who came!”  –  Kristi Satsky, REALTOR®

This was my 1st C21 retreat and won’t be the last! The amount of heart that the Century 21 team shows to each other is amazing! Love seeing everyone helping build up each other up instead of only compete with each other. It really makes me excited to be a part of Century 21 team. I am so thankful to everyone that participated and helped to guide me in new ideas to help guide me to become a successful new realtor.  The classes were great, I can’t wait to start working on all my new ideas!”  –  Erin Boeker, REALTOR®

“Thank you Mike, Susan, Natalie, and all the team and coworkers that worked so hard this year on the retreat.  What I like about the retreats is here is the message take what you will, use it, mold it, make it your own.  Thanks for the opportunity” – Brenda Harmon, REALTOR®

“Thank you Century 21, Beal  family for a wonderful retreat experience.  Kudos to those who lined up the speakers.Informative and entertaining.  The break out sessions were informative and motivational.  I appreciate each session facilitator for sharing their insights.   I especially enjoyed the games/ activities.  Congratulations to the winners.  Your skills and ingenuity at besting your opponents makes me wonder what you do in your spare time? Since the activity change each year you will have no title to defend. Nevertheless, the competitive nature of our team will no doubt push us each to feed you the taste of defeat so you can know what a complete experience should feel like.  You know who you are…LOL!   An event such as this takes a great deal of planning and orchestration.  The Camp Allen Venue is always inviting and the staff are cordial and helpful..  The program was well administered and executed.  This is a testament to the cohesive and able team that cares for us back in the office.  A special THANK YOU to the ladies and men who always guide and direct our group activities.  No other Realty organization can begin to compete.  We are indeed fortune to be a part of such a wonderful team and family!  Each year the retreat gets better. The best way to insure it will continue to improve is to become involved and contribute. For those who choose to linger on the sidelines, Your efforts and contributions can only improve a unique and informative event.   Take a step outside your comfort zone.  if you wish to make this a better event, step up and contribute!”  – Al Flores, REALTOR®